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Bible Study

Monthly Bible Study Meeting

Bible Study

Currently, our Bible Study meets in Zoom after Sunday church services as announced (usually once per month). You may attend our Calgary services online via Zoom. Wednesdays from 7:30 to 8:30pm and Sundays from 10:00 to 11:00am. If you would like participate please call 403 209-0012 or email Chris at and she will arrange for you to receive a link to our Zoom services via email.

Click here for a helpful and inspired Bible Reading Plan (PDF).

Bible Study Resources

Bible Study 2022 - Paul's Letters and Journeys

You are invited to a Bible Study, "Paul's Letters and Journeys" covering his remarkable seven authenticated letters, starting in January 2022. When you understand more of the cultural, historical and geographical world of the Bible, you can understand its spiritual messages more clearly. Then you avoid putting your own natural biases from our time on Biblical characters and stories, and see its answers to present challenges.

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Seven Methods to Explore the Scriptures

by Madelon Maupin

A new year often brings with it new intentions. Perhaps one of yours is to understand the Bible more, to benefit from the many blessings the Scriptures provide, and maybe even to find a like-minded community with whom you can study. If these are some of your interests, you’re in the right spot.

People have such different ways of exploring the Bible but hopefully, these ideas can be useful in your exploration. Since seven is a Biblical number for completeness, we hope these will be a great foundation (or reminder) of ways to enhance your journey. I hope you’ll add what is meaningful to you to this list and do share them by leaving a comment.

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A Biblical Roadmap for Weather

by Madelon Maupin - March 2021

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Bible Lesson

You may also be interested in studying the Weekly Christian Science Bible Lesson.


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The daily study of the Bible and our textbook is bringing more and more into our consciousness the power of God unto salvation.

J.C., Manatee, Fla.